Prison Break Season 5 Is Coming – Prepare To Break Out!

Michael Scofield and his team of convicts are back again for another season of total escape – Prison Break Season 5 is coming soon! The cult hit series is being renewed for another season, and as we know it, the main cast is plotting another plan against the government. True, the end of Season 4 showed us that Scofield was dead, having sacrificed his life […]


‘Arrested Development’ Season 5 Is Coming Soon!

The Bluths are back! Photo Credit After 4 hilarious seasons that took us into the chaotic lives of the Bluth family members, we just might be getting to see more of them soon. As per the show’s creator Brian Glazer, all the actors have given the green signal to doing another season, and that the reboot is in the works. “All of the actors have […]


Game Of Thrones Marathon To Air On HBO This Winter Break

Winter is here! Deck the halls with your favorite house sigil, because HBO is giving us the most wonderful Christmas present ever – a marathon of Game Of Thrones is coming your way! What better way to get through your dark and dreary days in the cold? And of course, this comes as a perfect excuse to ditch your relatives (who you don’t want to be around […]


8 Westworld Fan Theories That Actually Might Be True!

Here are Top Eight Theories of the Westworld Before the Release of Westworld season 2. Robert Ford is Arnold Image Credits The narrated story by Ford about the said accident that killed Arnold, his fellow creator of robots, is fishy and one sided. In the Westworld, Arnold has a desire to create genuine consciousness in his robots robots, but the idea is played down by […]


Westworld Season 2 Fan Theories – Who Will Control the Park?

10 Character Who Will Compete to Run the World in Season 2 Alert – This article may contain spoilers ahead! Before we start, incase you don’t know what’s all the fuss about around Westworld – here’s a lo-down; The engaging sci-fi series is set in a futuristic park that fits rich vacationers in the American societal setup. Westworld American Series allows the movies enthusiasts to […]


Top 10 Best TV Shows Of 2016 – How Many Have You Streamed?

Though movies didn’t exactly kill it this year (though they were commercial successes, like Suicide Squad, Batman vs Superman: Dawn Of Justice, etc.), the silver screen took over with 2016 being one of the best times for television. Whether it was Netflix, FX or HBO, each of them sent our imaginations in a tizzy, with some of the most memorable moments and season endings ever. Netflix and […]


Sons Of Anarchy Spin-Off Show On Mayans MC Approved By FX

Kurt Sutter created an intense show that ran for seven seasons and gave us all the feels. Sons Of Anarchy was a story that kept us at the edge of our seats with laughter, love, loss, death and pain. And fans were left begging for more for the hit FX show after it ended in 2014. Looks like prayers do get answered, because the drama channel has […]


The Flash S3E6 Spoilers – Caitlin Could Become Killer Frost on Earth1!

Cisco Vibed Killer Frost On ‘The Flash’ & It Looks Like Caitlin’s Evil Path May Be Inevitable It is now evident that Caitlin or Danielle Panabaker future is decidedly evil. Caitlin disclose to Cisco (Carlos Valdes) that she is developing abilities that are comparable to her Earth 2 doppelganger, Killer Frost. These events will be unveiled in “The Flash’s” tonight’s episode. The events that was […]