Margot Robbie Is Unrecognizable For Shooting Of ‘I, Tonya’


Could Margot Robbie be the new Meryl Streep of our generation?

Australian actress Margot Robbie is keeping it up in the tough game of Hollywood. Her debut roll was way back in 2013 opposite Leonardo DiCaprio in the hugely successful and controversial film, Wolf Of Wall Street. Then, she went bat-sh*t crazy in last year’s most anticipated anti-hero flick, Suicide Squad playing Harley Quinn for the first time on the big screen and spawning her own spin-off movie.

After a romantic wedding Down Under with long-time partner, Tom Ackerley, she’s back to a hectic schedule; this time, the movie is based on real-life events of shamed ice figure skater, Tonya Harding. The 26-year-old Aussie was photographed during shooting, complete with a ’90s look. She was also fuller on the body, and her hair was permed and golden, as per the style of the times. Of course, she’s wearing a body suit and a wig, and her makeup artists did a spot-on job with the whole look altogether. She’s literally unrecognizable.

Tonya Harding was one of the most celebrated ice figure skaters of the United States. Though her career was shaky with many hits-and-misses, she was a talented young woman who looked like her time on the ice rink was promising. In fact, for the celebrity ice skater made it to the list of sportsmen representing their country for the Olympics in 1994. However, it was later discovered that she, along with ex-husband Jeff Gillooly, hired a hitman to eliminate her competitor, Nancy Kerrigan. Just seven weeks before the Olympics, the victim was hit on the thigh by a sharp object as she got off from gruelling hours of practice out on the rink.

Nancy healed quickly and was still able to compete in the games, but the media soon picked up the scent of guilt from Tonya, and she was stripped of all her titles and was banned from participating in any way in sports again.

This is not the first time that a Hollywood actor has taken extreme measures for a role. Though Robbie hasn’t actually gained all that weight for her role, other A-list actors like Christian Bale, not only lost severe weight for The Machinist, but also packed on the pounds with his role in American Hustle. Another famous actress is Anne Hathaway, who famously went on a diet of oats paste once a day for her role as starving prostitute Fantine in Les Miserables.