This Game Of Thrones Beloved Cast Member Has Passed Away Just Before Season 7

Game of Thrones Stark Sigil Direwolf

What a sad day! The wolf who played the role of Jon Snow’s white direwolf, Ghost, on HBO’s Game Of Thrones has sadly passed away. The wolf lived in a sanctuary in New Mexico, USA at the Wild Spirit Wolf Sanctuary that is financed by the Martin family. George R R Martin himself tweeted out the sad news to millions of saddened followers about the passing of the precious animal. In his tweet, the bestselling author said: “In loving memory of the real life Ghost from the Wild Spirit Wolf Sanctuary. He passed this week & he will be missed. R.I.P.”

The story of Ghost begins in the very first chapter of the series A Song Of Ice And Fire by George R R Martin. The Starks are in the woods when they come across a litter of direwolves that haven’t been seen for centuries. Though each of the Stark children get their own pet, the bastard son, Jon Snow, is left without a pup of his own. However, as the family moves on, he finds an albino direwolf, the runt of the litter is discovered by Jon. He names his pet Ghost, and together they make it to the Wall, going on all sorts of adventures together, including killing White Walkers and protecting each other in the perils north of the Wall.

As per the storyline in ASOIAF as well as the series adaption by HBO, Ghost is the only visible direwolf of the pack, with Arya Stark’s Nymeria still off in the wild. Robb Stark’s Grey Wind, Sansa Stark’s Lady, Bran Stark’s Summer and Rickon Stark’s Shaggydog have all met their fateful end. Fans are now begging George R R Martin to not kill off Jon Snow’s Ghost after the death of the real one who plays him in HBO’s Game Of Thrones.