Animated Posters For ‘Beauty And The Beast’ Are Here!


Disney’s live action remake of the classic fairytale, Beauty and the Beast, is turning out to be quite magical in these trying times. While we are used to still posters of movies, this time around, they’ve used the touch of a magic wand and brought over audiences with animated ones! Take a look at them below and tell us what you think.

Though the original animated movie that we grew up knowing and loving, that starred some memorable characters like the talking clock and cutlery, this time around it is more about actors playing those parts. Though audiences were initially apprehensive about Disney taking that route, it looks like that will soon be forgiven, once people are enchanted by Belle and The Beast.

Beauty and the Beast is a fairytale about a girl called Belle, who is imprisoned in a castle by The Beast, in exchange for the freedom of her father Maurice. What she doesn’t know is that The Beast is actually a handsome prince who was enchanted by an evil spell and will only turn back to his original demeanour when he meets “the one”.

The playful living furniture in the castle soon take up to the pretty Belle and want her to be the one who will break the spell, before time runs out and the magical rose dies. But Belle has her own things to worry about, including the narcissistic Gaston, who will do anything to get the pretty one’s hand.

Will Belle fall in love with The Beast?

Here’s Belle (Beauty) played by Emma Watson

Here’s The Beast played by Dan Stevens

Here’s Gaston played by Luke Evans

Here’s Le Fou played by Josh Gad

Here’s Lumiére played by Ewan McGregor

Here’s Cogsworth played by Sir Ian McKellen

Here’s Mrs. Potts played by Emma Thompson

Here’s Maurice played by Kevin Kline

Here’s Plumette played by Gugu Mbatha-Raw

Here’s Garderobe played by Audra McDonald

Here’s Cadenza played by Stanley Tucci