Cult Of Chucky: Slasher Film Murder Doll Revived For Reboot


Sorry Jack…Chucky is back!

The sinister ‘Good Guy’ doll famously said: I’ll always be back. I always come back.

And now here he is again! Cult Of Chucky is the much-awaited, longed-for reboot to the hit Child’s Play trilogy and sequel to 2013’s Curse Of Chucky. This will be the seventh movie in the hit cult franchise. The voice for the extremely evil, possessed doll will be resumed by Brad Darouf and his own daughter, Fiona, who reprises her role as the now-mental asylum resident, Nica Pierce. Alex Vincent will again star as the grown up Andy from the first three original films and Jennifer Tilly will take on her role as Tiffany, the bride of Chucky. However, we might not get to see Jesse and Jade from Bride Of Chucky in this reboot.

Don Mancini, the man behind the series who wrote the script for all the movies including the spin-off, Bride Of Chucky, has taken over the script for Cult Of Chucky as well.

“It’s hard to believe that it’s been nearly 30 years since Chucky first terrified moviegoers in Child’s Play,” General Manager and Executive Vice President of Universal 1440 Entertainment, Glenn Ross said. “Since then the films have generated millions in worldwide box-office revenue. Now Chucky’s back with more scores to settle in his trademark twisted style, and you bet he won’t stop until he gets his revenge.”

The storyline for Cult Of Chucky follows Chucky and his bride, Tiffany as they make their way to the asylum where Nica Pierce is currently housed. The heroine of Curse Of Chucky is made to believe that she really has gone insane, and that the murders of her family members was done by her, not by the evil doll, and that she has made up that story in her head. Then one fine day, her therapist decides to bring an eerily similar ‘Good Guy’ doll as part of therapy. After seeing the familiar evil smiling face, Nica gets flashbacks of the horrible crimes that were committed, and realizes she isn’t crazy after all. Andy comes back to save Nica, knowing all his life that Chucky would make a return, but he has to get back the bride of Chucky, Tiffany, as she won’t let Chucky’s oldest nemesis bring any harm to her beloved.

Cult Of Chucky will be released directly through DVD and will be available for purchase during the Halloween period.

Watch the first official teaser trailer for Cult Of Chucky