There You Have It: Beyoncé “Never Genuinely Liked” Kim Kardashian


Shocker. If you look closely at the images in which Beyoncé and Kim Kardashian West were snapped within the same frame, you can easily notice the latter’s cozying up and trying to get personal with Queen Bey. Many reports have in the past surfaced, implying that Bey hasn’t been a fan of the reality star, but it has always been Kardashian who has extended a hand of friendship. I mean, let’s be real, who wouldn’t want to be a friend of Beyoncé?!

The famous photo of women behind their successful men – and that perfect moment Kim longingly looks at Bey.

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A couple of weeks ago, Kanye West ranted to his fans on stage during one of his concerts, saying that Jay Z (with whom he collaborated for Watch The Throne) didn’t bother to come over to the Wests’ home after Kim’s Paris robbery, and instead just made a single courtesy phone call. He also said that their children, Kanye’s North West and Jay’s Blue Ivy Carter, never had a single playdate. He went on to say that the two are “brothers” and that he expected more from Jay Z.

Co-founder of Jay Z’s Rock-a-fella Records, Kareem “Biggs” Burke was asked about the relationship between the two veteran rappers, and his response was that when Jay heard about Kanye’s rant, they both said they “missed the old Kanye”. But he was also quick to add that “at this point, in everybody’s career, we’re a little too old for rap beef”.

And now Page Six reports that Beyoncé “never genuinely liked Kim Kardashian” and only kept it friendly because of Jay Z and Kanye’s past professional relationship. When the two rappers’ wives last met, the conversation between them had “lots of awkward pauses” and Beyoncé left the conversation as soon as she politely could.

This is further fuel to the fire that the Carters didn’t attend Kanye and Kim’s lavish wedding, even though their names were apparently engraved in marble where the two should have been present. They instead opted to spend their vacation in the Hamptons and Beyoncé was very open about her enjoyment far away from the ever-present Kardashian cameras, as she posed for her Instagram.