Here’s Everything That Happened At the VMAs 2016

The MTV Music Video Awards is always known to be a music fest for outstanding awards, remarkable performances and great moments that go down in history. We will dissect the entire awards a little bit later, but first, let’s take a look at the main highlights of this year’s Music Awards:

Rihanna’s Multiple Performances – The pop princess from Barbados was set to receive the Vanguard Award for her outstanding career in the music industry. Mostly paying tribute to her reggae background and her fellow black people, thick with culture, she had a multitude of backup dancers with a medley of some of her biggest hits throughout the years, including Rude BoyWhat’s My NameWe Found Love In A Hopeless Place, among others. What was quite ironic was that even though she was the recipient of the most prestigious award of the night, she lip-synced her way throughout the show.

Rihanna performs at the MTV VMAs 2016

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Britney Spears’ Comeback – Flashback to the VMAs 2007 and Brit Brit was in that bad phase of her life. A half-hearted performance and a bored audience was what was related to her back then. But this year’s performance was treated as a “comeback” of sorts. In fact, Britney made it look like she never even left the stage in the first place. Of course, Kim Kardashian West announced her arrival, which is awkward, considering that Kim K has no personal claim to music. Singing her recent single, Make Me with Easy-G, she moved around the stage a bit with wavy hand and hip movements.

Britney Spears makes her comeback at the MTV VMAs 2016

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Kanye West – The only award show that gives Kanye the time of day happens at the VMAs. He had 4 minutes to talk about whatever he wanted, so he picked the topic closest to his heart – Kanye West. Talking what seemed a little like gibberish, he compared himself to the likes of Steve Jobs and Walt Disney. In fact, he made his entry with the song that put him in the headlines – Famous and it played at exactly the time when he shames Taylor Swift. He also made a shout-out to former flame, Amber Rose. He also spoke about the deaths of black men, but somehow managed to include himself into the list of “role models” along with fellow rappers. CHECK OUT THE ENTIRE SPEECH ABOUT KANYE WEST BY KANYE WEST.

Kanye West rambles on at the MTV VMAs 2016

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Drake’s Presentation of Rihanna’s Award – The moment of the night came when Rihanna had to accept her Vanguard Award. Rapper Drake wasn’t there to accept his own award, as he was stuck in New York traffic. But he made it a point to be just on time to deliver the Moon Man to his “best friend” who he said he has been in love with since he was 22 years old. Their’s was the sweetest, most intimate moment of the evening, a genuine love between the two that wasn’t for the cameras. Of course, Rihanna took it like the cool queen she is, and instead thanked MTV for the honor. CHECK OUT THE ENTIRE SPEECH FROM DRAKE TO RIHANNA.

Drake Drake & Rihanna share their special moment at the MTV VMAs 2016

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Beyoncé Performs Her “Lemonade” Melody – Here is one star who knows how to captivate an audience. She is the performer of the decade. A woman who’s voice can silence a crowd. She is Beyoncé. Arriving on the red carpet with her daughter, Blue Ivy, Yoncé then made a show-stopping entry to the stage. No doubt, with all the haphazardness that took place this evening, she was by far the outstanding star of the night.

Beyoncé stunned at the MTV VMAs 2016

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Compared to the previous VMAs that hit our screens, this one was relatively lukewarm. In the past, we’ve had Britney with that famous boa snake dance, then Lady Gaga with the meat dress, Miley Cyrus gyrating against Robin Thicke and Madonna exchanging saliva with Britney and Christina Aguilera. Let’s hope for a better year, next year.