Top Gear In Low Gear After Poor Second Outing

Top Gear loses a major chunk of its viewers

Top Gear is one of the most famous reality television series on the globe. This program is basically about cars featuring mysterious test drivers who are celebrity racing personalities. The show is mainly aired on United Kingdom’s BBC Two as well as on cable television systems in Europe, United States, Latin America and South East Asia. Regarded as pulsating, highly creative, eccentric and hilarious, this show has been a hit especially since the re-launch in 2002. Jeremy Clarkson, James May and Rich Hammond have been the presenters anchoring the series all along until Jeremy saw off his contract in March 2015. He has since been replaced by former breakfast show Chris Evans in the 2016 series.


Jeremy Clarkson was replaced by former breakfast show Chris Evans in the 2016 series.

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However, Top Gear seems to have lost the script if the second airing of its highly acclaimed series is anything to go by. The episode slumped to 2.8 million viewers from a high of 4.3 million viewers registered in its premiere episode broadcast on 29th May 2016.This second of the six part episode was even white washed by the Desire Antiques Roadshow which posted 4.7 million views. These numbers have been described as the worst in a series debut in a decade

This recent performance seems to have had an adverse effect on Chris Evans, dimming his characteristic boisterous and showy self. He was spotted hanging out alone and drowning his sorrows with a glass of wine in a forlorn unkempt neighborhood.


Chris Evans was spotted chugging a glass of wine a few hours after Top Gear’s announcement

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Fans have equally been unforgiving to him. Some mean ones have even gone to the extent of describing his loud style, as that of a patronizing and overbearing daddy. Those privileged to attend the filming sessions also decried the long periods of silence in between shoots and use of canned laughter setting. This inadvertently could have set the stage for the poor reception upon airing.

Word has it that the working relationship between Chris, the producers and his Co-host Matt Leblanc is quite frosty. We all hope that is just a passing storm in a tea cup and Top Gear will be back with a bang with third episode!