Denise Borino- Quinn of The Sopranos Fame Dies At 46

Actress, Denise Borino-Quinn, who is well known for her character as an overweight wife in ‘The Sopranos’, has died of liver cancer on October 27, 2010. She was just 46 years old.

The actress was suffering from liver cancer for a long time and took her last breath on Wednesday. She was buried at the Farmer Funeral Home in Roseland, New Jersey.

Reports state that Denise was selected from the 14,000 contenders for the role of Ginny at the open casting session for “The Sopranos” in the year 2000. Ginny was the wife of Johnny Sacrimoni or Johnny Sacks of the HBO series, The Sopranos.

Borino was elated after her selection. She had said, “I think I was in total shock when I got the call! I totally freaked out! My father must have called all our relatives that night! To this day I still can’t believe this happened to me.”

Borino used to work for a law firm in New Brunswick before she was introduced to acting. Her husband Luke Quinn Jr died last year in March.