Justin Timberlake talks about his marijuana addiction

Hollywood FAQs: Six time Grammy Award-winner Justin Timberlake is reportedly going down the wrong path these days. The singer has lately confessed about his addiction to marijuana and he doesn’t even shy about sharing his recent love in public.

While talking to Playboy, the singer seemed very candid and not bothered about sharing his addiction with the world. However, Timberlake had his own excuse for having the weed. While all others took the pot to loosen themselves and act like fools, the singer took it for relaxing his mind.

Justin said that his brain was too much engrossed these days, so he found a way to make his brain stop thinking for a while. Apart from the soothing effects, the singer said that it helped him to turn off his brain for a while.

Apart from stopping his brain, the singer said that he also wanted to look in to the other things in life to enjoy. The 30-year-old singer, by making his new habit public, also made it obvious to the people that his focus is slowly shifting from music. The confession was made by the singer himself, when he said that people kept asking him about his new track or album.