Jessica Biel finds a new soulmate in Colin Farrell?

Hollywood FAQs: Hollywood actress Jessica Biel has reportedly found peace in the arms of her Total Recall co-star Colin Farrell. After splitting with singer Justin Timberlake in the month of March, the actress seemed like she was lost and had even tried to get along with Gerard Butler.

Biel was on spotted on Thursday with Butler at the back of his motorcycle in Malibu in California. The two had been going around, as they were filming for the upcoming movie ‘Playing the Field’. Butler and Biel were also a number of times seen having cozy dinners.

However, the representatives of the actors had insisted that Biel and Butler are just friends and there isn’t any romantic air between them. To support their argument a source from the shooting sets had even defended that the two were good friends and were very professional.

This does not end the relationship matter for Biel here. Certain recent reports have said that the actress is bowled over her co-star Colin Farrell. Biel apparently is in love with the accent carried by Farrell and spend some time together between the shoots. But still it cannot be said if Biel would be interested in getting into another relationship.

Q. Which famous pop-music artist did Jessica Biel date?
A. Jessica Biel dated pop star Justin Timberlake from 2007 till early 2011.