Twilight success spawns new breed of films targeting young-adults

With the release of the last in the line of Twilight films, people around the world are looking forward to more movies centered on young-adults with a dark future. It appears Lions Gate Entertainment Corp. is cashing in on the growing worldwide trend, as it looks to satisfy the appetite of fans with upcoming releases such as ‘The Hunger Games’.

With three more releases for The Hunger Games, the company is also releasing ‘Ender’s Game’, which is a sci-fi flick. Other entertainment companies are also joining the bandwagon, such as Stephen Spielberg’s DreamWorks Studios, which will be releasing ‘Shadow and Bone’, based on a girl with magical powers. ‘Beautiful Creatures’ is another movie that is set to be released in February, 2013 by Warner Bros.

With the Twilight films, Lions Gate is set to cash in on approximately USD 3.2 billion in ticket sales worldwide. A well accepted young-adult film has the ability to rake in profits across mediums such as television, theater, home video and merchandise.

Broderick Johnson, who is the co-chief executive officer at Alcon Entertainment LLC said that targeting young-adults allows entertainment companies to have some form of predictable cash flow, in an otherwise unpredictable business.

The same logic has started applying to books, where adaptations of topics related to youngsters coming into their prime has steadily become a growing trend worldwide.