Dancing with the Stars Season 11 finale viewed by 24 million people

The finale of Dancing with the stars Season 11 show was viewed by about 24 million people across the world, the ABC network reported. The DWTS show, in which Jennifer Grey was announced the winner, had the largest viewing audience in the past three years.

According to reports, the number increased to 26.4 million, when the winners of the show were announced. The producers of DWTS Season 11 said that the show had received votes for the finalists in record numbers and had almost crashed their official website.

“Dirty Dancing” actress Jennifer Grey said that she had performed the final dance very much in pressure, in spite of her back injury. “I knew everybody wanted us to do something with The Time of My Life – there was a lot of pressure for that.But I knew that was a dance for Patrick and me, and I wanted to leave it as such,” she said.

Kyle Massey, the Disney Star, was announced the runner-up of the show, while Bristol Palin managed the 3rd position.