Jessica Simpson’s engagement ring was hidden in Eric’s shoe

Jessica Simpson’s husband-to-be Eric Johnson had apparently hidden the engagement ring for her in his shoe. “He had the ring in his shoe at my house somewhere,” Simpson said.

“These boots are made for walking” singer was indeed pleasantly surprised, as well as perplexed about why on earth Eric Johnson had hidden the ring in his shoe. Eric had spoken to Jessica’s parents and sister, before the proposal.

“He had talked to my mom and dad and my sister three weeks before he asked me,” she says. “I can’t believe all the Simpsons kept a secret.” Jessica said. The singer was watching “Parenthood” when Eric asked her to pause the show so that he could spill the proposal.

Jessica also said that Eric had got down on his knee and she was shocked on the proposal and was also short of breath. She said that it was the moment of her life and can never forget it.