These Hollywood Celebrities Are At The #WomensMarchOnWashington

Sorry to interrupt your current hatred of the new President of the United States. Also, we apologize for no Hollywood hot news today. The reason being that half of California and the United States have emptied out into the streets of Washington DC in protest! This weekend, beating out the cold and carrying colorful placards with different woman empowerment declarations, our favorite celebrities are raising […]


Amber Heard: ‘I Want My Life Back’ After Johnny Depp Divorce

Though 2016 is going well for a lot us (raise your hand if you’re killin’ it already!), Hollywood couples who split last year are still bringing their feud into the new year. Case in point: Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie, though they did release a joint statement yesterday for the first time since their public split. And here is another A-list former couple who just […]


Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson Declared People’s Sexiest Man Alive

He broke records and won accolades during his early days as one of the top pro-wrestlers on WWE, known then simply as “The Rock”. After a successful transition to Hollywood, with many hits under his acting belt, Dwayne Johnson can add one more title to his name: People Magazine’ Sexiest Man Alive! He takes over the title from English footballer, David Beckham and joins the […]


Kim Kardashian Gets Robbed At Gunpoint In Paris

Paris doesn’t seem to be doing any good for reality TV star, Kim Kardashian West. Just last week, she was kissed on her derrière by a celebrity prankster. And now, something quite terrifying happened to her that has the media going in a frenzy and made her husband, Kanye West stop his concert in New York after hearing about the “emergency”. Kim Kardashian was robbed […]

Billy Bob Thornton Dragged Into Depp-Heard Drama

As their divorce battle becomes a louder freaking circus everyday, Johnny Depp and estranged wife Amber Heard are going all-out to publicly prove the other is not such an innocent. After TMZ leaked a video of Johnny being physically destructive with glass and a wine bottle at the house he and Amber shared, another bizarre story has emerged in its wake. This involves another Hollywood […]

Khloe Kardashian Chloe Grace Moretz

Middle-Aged Khloé Gets Into Twitter Feud With Teen Chloë

The Kardashians are known for two things: selling themselves for money and bullying those who voice their opinion against it. Case in point: Yesterday the Internet erupted when Kim Kardashian’s Snapchat came alive with videos of a private call between Kanye West and Taylor Swift. Of course, sides were taken and those who sided with the Kardashians were, well, the Kardashians, while a number of […]

Padma Lakshmi Releases Inspiring And Shocking Memoir

Supermodel and successful TV host, Padma Lakshmi has joined the list of celebrities to release a memoir about her life. Who would have guessed that someone who always seems composed and content with life didn’t live the way we had imagined. Love, Loss, And What We Ate: A Memoir has been released for a worldwide sale. Excerpts from the book are emerging in reports, stories […]

Highlights – The 73rd Golden Globes

A new year always brings with it awards season in Hollywood, and this time around it started with a bang at the 73rd Golden Globes. It was an eventful evening, hosted by British comedian Ricky Gervais, who applauded as well as poked fun at everyone from now infamous Bill Cosby to Presidential candidate, Donald Trump. One of the highlights of the show was when Eva […]