Chaz Bono proposes to girlfriend on Being Chaz episode

Hollywood FAQs: It was known by everyone that American transgender advocate, writer and actor had a special someone cheering for him at the ‘Dancing With The Stars’. It was his fiancée Jennifer Elia and the 42-year-old actor recently proposed with an engagement ring in Seattle.

The episode of the special moment was telecasted on ‘Being Chaz’ which is the follow up of the Emmy nominated documentary ‘Becoming Chaz’. The documentary had highlighted the transition of Chaz from a female to a male.

Elia, in response to the proposal, said that it was gorgeous, stunning and huge. The one house episode was aired on November 27, 2011 that had showcased the good times and the bad times.

Bono became the first transgender contestant to participate in the show ‘Dancing With The Stars’. This was when a tearful Elia, said that people felt so angry that Chaz entered the TV show and that people who make changes get shot. Elia added that it wasn’t worth doing a show if he was going to be shot. After ‘Being Chaz’, another documentary special ‘I Am Jazz: A Family in Transition’ would be aired, which features a 11 year-old-girl transgender girl named Jazz and her family, when they make some important decisions.