Brody Jenner attacked by unknown people, files police complaint

Hollywood FAQs: American TV personality Brody Jenner has recently filed a complaint with the police when he was attacked on 6th November in Los Angeles. Jenner had said that he was hit by a bottle outside the Hollywood Roosevelt Hotel early in the morning.

After the incident, Jenner’s girlfriend Avril Lavigne had disclosed about the incident in her tweets. Keith Green, the police Sgt. of Los Angeles, said that Jenner had filed a report which stated that a deadly weapon had been used, but till now no one has been arrested.

Just before the incident took place, Jenner had tweeted that he was having the best night with the love of his life Avril and was so happy at the moment. Later, after the incident, the TV actor wrote that he had just got out of the hospital with a new scar on his face. Even Lavigne had tweeted that Jenner was attacked by five people out of no where.

Describing the condition of the TV personality, the singer said that he had black eye, bloody nose, ripped out hair, scratches, bruises and cuts. Lavigneadded that it isn’t good to be abusive to others and that violence is never the answer.

The police sgt, Green, said that Jenner was not given any medical help due to which no one was arrested. However, it is still not clear if the singer was involved in the incident and even the Police have not confirmed whether the singer being involved.

Jenner is known to be the son of the Olympian Bruce Jenner and is also a regular on the MTV show ‘The Hills’. Jenner is also the step-brother of the popular Kardashian sisters and has also appeared on their reality show ‘Keeping Up With The Kardashians’. He is also known to be the half brother of Kendall Jenner and Kylie Jenner.