Spider-Man Homecoming spoiler alert – Tom Holland reveals big secrets!

Spider-Man Homecoming movie still
Image courtesy Sony Pictures and Marvel Studios

Tom Holland has spilled the beans on one of the most well kept secrets of the Marvel’s universe! The Spider-Man star has revealed that Peter Parker had been a part of the Marvel’s universe right from the very beginning. He revealed that in a conversation with Producer Kevin Feige, he learnt that the little boy dressed as Iron Man in Captain America: Civil War was in fact little Peter Parker! The same boy charges towards a hammer drone when the real Iron Man flies in, defeats the drone, and saves the day. While fan theories regarding the same have been doing the rounds for a while, this has finally been confirmed by the makers of  Spider-Man Homecoming.

Another big revelation made by Tom Holland is that Robert Downey Jr. aka Iron Man is a big part of the film! While his presence has been confirmed by the official Spider-Man Homecoming trailers, the length and extent of involvement of Iron Man in Spider-Man’s fight against a new villain, Vulture was not known.

Tom Holland has also confirmed the movie’s screen time and has revealed that we catch more than just a glimpse into the life of little Peter Parker. The movie will reveal how Peter comes to stay with his Aunt May (Marisa) after the Civil War and how Tony Stark aka Iron Man watches over and mentors Peter Parker. This comes as a spoiler as Tom Holland confirmed to the Huffington post that most of Peter’s valued relations would be threatened as he faces the Vulture.

Spider-Man Homecoming also stars Jon Favreau, Zandaya, Tyne Daly and Donald Glover in lead roles. Directed by Jon Watts the script for Spider-Man Homecoming has been written by John Francis Daley, Jonathan Gold Stein, Christopher Ford, Reik Sommers and Chris McKenna.

Spider-Man Homecoming releases on July 7, 2017! Watch it’s official trailer right here –