Selena Gomez And The Weeknd Spotted Getting Cozy On Date


What up, Starboy?!

If life hasn’t been getting weird lately, here’s some news to have you sitting up like, what’s going on?! Last night, sharp-eyed paparazzi snapped shots of Hands To Myself singer Gelena Gomez and Can’t Feel My Face Grammy winner, the Weeknd getting extremely cozy near a trash can! They were throwing caution to the wind, and making out, knowing fully well that the tabloids would be filled with the evidence in a couple of hours. So it looks like things between the two pop superstars is official.

First paparazzi shots of Selena Gomez and the Weeknd getting cozy while out on a date.

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When, how, why and other curious questions of what made these two come together is still vague as of now. The only time that the Weeknd (real name: Abel Tesfaye) and Selena made a public appearance together was back in 2015 at the Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show, where they were both performers and he still had that ridiculous hairstyle. He had even bowed down to her on stage, and though the two didn’t keep in touch, ‘sources’ are now saying that Starboy was interested in her even then. But then he had the unfairly beautiful Bella Hadid on his arm. Oh. My. God. Bella Hadid! How is she feeling about this?

Selena Gomez and the Weeknd’s first public appearance together back in 2015 at the Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show

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Remember back in 2016 at the Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show in Paris, where Bella and the Weeknd met up on the runway since announcing their split earlier that month? She was boldly blushing and he was checking her out like she was the most valuable thing in the room (which she was, BTW). At the afterparty, she was asked about the whole awkward scene and she still looked smitten and hopeful that maybe things would settle and kept the option open of a possible reunion. But things don’t look so good for her.

Bella Hadid and The Weeknd at the Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show 2016 in Paris

Again, hawk-eyed tabloids checked her Instagram, and it seems that around 1.30pm, she was still following Selena Gomez, but then by 3.30pm, she had unfollowed her. Classy, sneaky and still getting the point across that she does not approve of this new Hollywood hookup. Sel and Bel had hung out before, seen in pictures before on their friends’ Instagram. And let’s not forget that they are both part of the Swift Squad, which means that they will be bumping into each other from time to time. For Bella, ouch. For Selena, good for her, since she’s finally over Justin Bieber.

And as for the Weeknd, well he is one lucky man, going around with gorgeous gals like that!

Who’d You Rather? Bella Hadid or Selena Gomez – FYI, the Weeknd got both! 😉

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