8 Westworld Fan Theories That Actually Might Be True!

Here are Top Eight Theories of the Westworld Before the Release of Westworld season 2.

Robert Ford is Arnold


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The narrated story by Ford about the said accident that killed Arnold, his fellow creator of robots, is fishy and one sided. In the Westworld, Arnold has a desire to create genuine consciousness in his robots robots, but the idea is played down by Ford; Arnold disappears leaving Ford to create the Westworld alone.

Probably Ford knows more about the whereabouts of Arnold. Dolores speaks with an implied Arnold’s voice in episode five after Ford leaving the room, saying Ford does not know and she did not tell him anything.

Westworld is underground


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The scene in the Westworld does not say much about it’s location. It has limited inhabitants, no roads or telephone poles; the skyline is elusive. It can be correctly argued that the Westworld is located underground.

Westworld is located on Mars!


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We don’t have to wait for Westworld season 2 to realize this claim. Based on the far from the natural earth presented world, the Westworld is seemingly set in future habitable Mars where Bernard communicates to his ex-wife through a video conference which streams very fast, though Mars is an average of 12.5 light-minutes away from Earth!

Everyone is a robot


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In the Westworld, it seems everyone is a robot. Maybe the reason we never see anyone moving between downstairs and Westworld (apart from Ford) is that they aren’t physical beings. Even Bernard does not show any emotions when he talks to Dolores on matters of griefs and pain. Ford’s anti-consciousness stance makes him an AI. Maybe the technicians are just like the hosts with no feelings.

Everyone is Dead!


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Bernard talks to his wife through video conference; Dolores talks to with Bernard and wakes up in the desert with William. There are no human beings probably – they are all dead. The Hosts and the Guests are probably staged. We’ll have to wait for Season 2 to know for certain!

The small boy is actually young Robert Ford?


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The little boy to have a long chat in the wilderness with Ford is a possible Host turning up to correct stray Guests. The kid has the same accent as Ford and most probably is a small version of him.

The man in black is a Actually Host


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The man talks well vast with Westworld, the Hosts; he cannot be shot and referred by a Guest as an owner of a Foundation, a humanitarian leader. He plays a significant role in saving the Westworld and assumes an important status.

William is the man in black


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Dolores is an old Host and considered by the man in Black as an old friend with a story line of 30 years. 30 years ago William and Logan took an adventure in Westworld where William changed to the Man in Black who killed El Lazo, a probably incarnated character. The argument can find truth by examining the present day and time 30 years ago, or most likely Westworld season 2 has more clues.

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