Gigi Hadid Tweets Apology For “Bullying” Melania Trump Impersonation


These days you can barely decipher morals. Ever since Donald J Trump starting running for President of the United States and ultimately won the elections, people have taken it upon themselves to mock him and his family. Forget about the regular folk, the so-called “professional” media have been the first ones to be in opposition to him and the other Trumps, calling them all sorts of names and making public mockery of personal aspects of America’s next first family.

The latest in the headlines is someone who mocked Melania Trump. You would never have guessed who it is, but the title of the article already gave it away. She has been an advocate against bullying, calling people out who made fun of her body, mannerisms and push to stardom. She is none other than 21-year-old model and social media star, Gigi Hadid. Young fans look up to her as their idol – a young, beautiful girl who is changing the face of the fashion industry and overcoming her shortcomings like a boss. We loved her as Taylor Swift’s squad member, as a Victoria’s Secret Angel, we admired her as Tommy Hilfiger’s muse and we adore her as former One Direction member, Zayn Malik’s girlfriend. And now this…

Check out all the major moments from the American Music Awards (AMAs) 2016.

This past weekend Gigi Hadid played first-time co-host with former SNL comedian, Jay Pharoah for the American Music Awards (AMAs) 2016. Her fashion sense was on-point, but when it came to her hosting skills, or attempted crack at jokes, she left the audience silent most of the night. Then came the moment when she suddenly pulled out a Melania Trump impression, mocking her face and talking in a fake accent, taking a jab at the time when Melania had plagiarized Michelle Obama’s speech. Re-live the cringe-worthy moment again

The internet went crazy, some voices applauding and joining in the mockery, though majority of the voices were against what they called “bullying”, period. The model today issued an apology for the whole incident, using words that have been used time and time again by those who did something wrong and then were called out by it. Did she really mean it? Will she do it again? Did she think she was being funny? Here’s what the handwritten note, that was posted on her Twitter said:

I was honored to host the AMAs last night and to work with some of the most respected writers in the business. I removed or changed anything in the script that I felt took the joke too far, and whether or not you choose to see it, what remained was done in good humor and with no bad intent. I too have been the center of a nationally televised comedy skit that poked fun at my actions, and was able to find the humor in it. I believe Melania understands show business and the way shows are written and run.

I apologize to anyone I offended & have only the best wishes for our country.

Respectfully, x Gigi

Her co-host for the evening, Jay Pharoah was quick to put in his two cents on Facebook, supporting Gigi Hadid and instead pointing fingers at those who have made fun of current FLOTUS, Michelle Obama. He said:

Everybody pump the breaks one damn minute! Over the last 8 years the beautiful Michelle Obama has been the victim of excessive slurring! The Beautiful Flotus has been called Ape, Gorilla, Manish, Ugly, Disgusting, “not fit to be in the whitehouse”, always physically attacked by the general populous, nobody really snaps about it! Flotus has always been on point with the wordplay in her speeches. At the AMA’S we exaggerated a SPEECH THAT ACTUALLY HAPPENED, where Melania CLEARLY PLAGIARIZED (cause that was a joke) didn’t call her ugly, manish, or anything, and everybody LOSES IT?! Really? GFTOH

Judge for yourself.