Doctor Strange Movie Review- Its a Trippy Magical Treat


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Doctor Strange is one of the most recent outstanding Marvel Studio’s Superhero, Sci-Fi violence and action of intense crashing movie under the direction of Scott Derrickson. The epical scientific laws-bending features stunning imagery and the mind-boggling time travel techniques tumbling down the walls of Manhattan skyscrapers like folds in a scholarly creative manner.

Doctor Strange Synopsis

Doctor strange movie review

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In a nutshell, Doctor Strange is a story around Doctor Steven Strange (played by Benedict Cumberbatch) a neurosurgeon traveling to find a cure in Kathmandu for his irreparable damaged hand after involving in a nearly fatal car accident. He finds The Ancient One in his pathway to healing who trains him the sorcery of the mystic art and teachings on the multi-dimensions existing outside the universe. The movie engages in a mission together with his friends to stop the destruction of the world by an immortal extra evil being called Dormammu existing in the Dark Dimension. Dormammu is with the help of Ancient One’s killer Kaecilius who ironically is a former student who ended up betraying her.

So What’s new?


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With a recycle and introduction of actors Doctor Strange employees avatar graphical displays to magnificently tell the story a 3-D colorful display to keep the viewer glued to the screen. It integrates the artistic technology in an advanced level of The Guardian of The Galaxy, Avengers, and higher movies to bring true the Steve Ditko’s 1963 connection comic work of Doctor Strange.

Doctor Strange a hit or a miss


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Notable personalities have thrown their weights in praising the enjoyable marvelous creation. Filmcast Jeff Cannata says Doctor Strange is a dazzling entertainment all through its running time claiming an action sequence 4 to 5 times than in The Matrix. It has a chromatic and a perfect hero according to Jack Giroux who is excited by the good laughs and the playful breeze-like set pieces with fun sorcery characters by their few excellent roles.

Despite the general acceptability levels of Doctor Strange that may see the movie scoring high ratings in reviews, there are instances that direction and the graphic work show a better work was possible. Early views put Mordo played by Chiwetel a better placed to have played the leading role, and the Doctor Strange’s Eye of Agamotto used to manipulate time was too fast for viewers to make a grasp of the time passage.

The fact that Doctor Strange is a movie from a too familiar origin betrays the creativity part of the story. There are moments related to films like Batman Begins as Strange, Iron Man, The Matrix and the other movies that portray most potent beings controlling or guarding the universe except with characters playing mind-bending supernatural powers. How Doctor Strange comes back alive after killed by Dormammu in the Dark Dimension is questionable since time does not exist in the Dark Dimension for Strange’s Eye of Agamotto to work. Also, the thin line drawn to understand in brief the villain and the hero of the story is confusing.

The characterization, graphics, costumes and most of the elements in the creation of Doctor Strange are outstanding to outdo the shortcomings which can be understood with a little explanation. Doctor Strange is a big entertainer is sure to never bore you!

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