Ron Weasley, Ramsey Bolton To Star In ‘Adolf The Artist’


When two brilliant actors come together, you know there’s gonna be magic. Harry Potter star Rupert Grint, aka Ron Weasley and Game Of Thrones villain Iwan Rheon, aka Ramsey Bolton will star in the upcoming comedy show Adolf The Artist.

Adolf The Artist is a comedy that follows a young Hitler when he traveled to Vienna to develop his artistic skills to gain entry into the Vienna Academy of Fine Arts after he is turned down by them. The show states: “in the run-up to re-taking the entrance exam, burdened by temper tantrums and an oddball dress sense, and desperately trying to improve as an artist and gain recognition”. The show is based on actual real life events during the early life of the man who would become one of the world’s most hated men for his brutal regime and the fact that he was responsible for the death of over 6 million Jews and the cause of World War 2.

In true British style, the show will feature wry British comic sense. We’ve already seen Iwan Rheon do an absolutely fantastic job and become one of the most hated characters on television as he portrayed the evil Bolton Bastard who reached the final with the famous Battle of the Bastards. His death was considered a major relief for Game of Thrones fans, though his villainy was absolutely unparalleled. In real life, Iwan is a down-to-earth guy and great friends with the rest of his cast members on the most-watched show.

Rupert Grint has been quiet for a while, but proved his acting prowess with the Harry Potter series that saw him play the best friend and side-kick to main character, Harry Potter. Though the movies ended, his celebrity is still in tact, as many recognize the actor for his flaming red hair and peculiar physique.

It’s great to see these two talents come together for a comedy show that is so different from what they’ve done in the past. Looking forward to the ratings and the pilot.