Max Steel Movie Review – Take Your Kids For a Walk In The Park Instead


There’s a huge chance that you’ve never heard of Max Steel, but your kids definitely have. Max Steel was initially introduced as a Mattel action figure back in the mid 90s. Max made the leap to video games, comic books, two seasons of a cartoon series and DVD animated films.

With a reputation as high as Max Steel, you would expect a live action film that continues this trend; sadly, this is not the case with the movie. This film is as bland as they come and this was no surprise considering the manner in which Max Steel was dumped by the studio with little or no promotion.

The entire cast of Max Steel includes; Ben Winchell as Max McGrath, Maria Bello as Molly McGrath, Andy García as Dr. Miles Edwards and Mike Doyle as Jim McGrath.

Ben Winchell as Max McGrath, in Max Steel

What is Max Steel All About?

Written by Christopher Yost and directed by Stewart Hendler, for a movie about developing the greatest energy source in the universe, “Max Steel” is surprisingly bland.

Max Steel follows the story of Max McGrath played by Orlando Bloom look-alike Ben Winchell. Teenager Max McGrath discovers that his body can generate the most powerful energy in the universe. Later, Max starts to realize that weird things are happening to his body like; appliances malfunctioning and things suddenly blowing up when he’s around, and, wait for it, when he realizes he can shoot blue liquid from his fingertips.

Just when you think things couldn’t get much weirder, up steps an alien who’s prone to bad jokes and sarcasm by the name of Steel (voiced by Silicon Valley’s Josh Brener). The alien’s name had to be Steel huh? Steel is Max’s protector (who needs a protector when you can shoot blue liquid energy from your fingers), and builds him a strange-looking suit for sustaining the energy when it becomes too much.

The Movie becomes more confusing when Max Steel starts to develop all sorts of powers, he can also fly, become invisible and change into a futuristic biker uniform with a blink of an eye. All this little details fail to make sense and the director fails to explain any of it. The only good thing about this film is Brener, who breathes life to the film and the seamless graphics considering the budget. This is not what we expected from Max Steel, the highly regarded action figures. It is one of the more forgettable and pointless attempts at a superhero franchise, lacking in originality and vibrance completely.

So to sum in up in a few words – Not Worth Your Time.

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