ICYMI: Shia LaBeouf Gets Married To Mia Goth In Vegas


No one saw it coming, but our celebrities love to surprise us. And it seems that after a secret engagement to his long-term girlfriend, Mia Goth, he has finally said “I Do”! And where? In Vegas, of course.

Tabloid pictures emerged of the Hollywood A-lister in a rented tuxedo, while his new bride donned a lacy wedding dress and veil that looked more like a scarf, sans any bridal makeup or hairdo. Also, in cheesy fashion, he went for the Elvis experience and was married by an Elvis impersonator, complete with a 3-song serenade and a complimentary limo ride across Sin City.

Shia LaBeouf and Mia Goth say I Do in front of Elvis at Vegas

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The new bride, Mia Goth

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The wedding was simple, and so unlike his Hollywood contemporaries, who love to splash and splurge and say their vows in front of hundreds of guests in a chateau somewhere in Europe. It is reported that he spent a little less than $1000 for his big day though his smile was worth a million bucks, coming out of the chapel like a lovestruck little boy.

The couple met on the set of Future Unlimited’s music video, Haunted Love, that was directed by LaBeouf. They began dating shortly and got engaged a few months ago. It’s been a total of two years together for the couple, and it looks like their romance was headed in the right direction.

Shia LaBeouf has had a number of high-profile Hollywood romances, with A-list actresses and his co-stars like Carry Mulligan and infamously with Megan Fox, his co-star from the Transformers series, who he had an affair with while she was still dating her husband, fellow actor Brian Austin Green. He also had a few run-ins with the law, after being arrested for public misconduct after brawling in a pub and also for his bizarre behavior in public as well as on-screen. It’s good to see him finally settle down and we look forward to some more great work from him in the future as well.