CBS Aims To Solve JonBenét Ramsey Case On Murder Anniversary


December 25, 1996 in Boulder, Colorado, a young beauty pageant queen, aged six, went missing from her home. Her name was JonBénet Ramsey, and she was already a child star. In what would be a parent’s worst nightmare, her mother found a ransom note on the kitchen stairs, and her father discovered her tied and battered body in the basement of their home. Since she was a well-known face, the media went into a frenzy reporting the case, including suspecting her own parents of murdering her, and accused her mother of trying to garner attention through her child’s death.

Like any other celebrity’s sudden death, there have been many conspiracy theories over the years. Books, movies, documentaries, you name it, were written about this sensational case gone cold. Her distraught parents had to move to another location to live the rest of their lives. DNA evidence found on the child’s body ruled out her father or any other known acquaintance. No one seems to know the answers to several questions raised through the years, though interest in resolving this sad case once and for all is on everyone’s mind.

CBS’s Case Of: JonBenét Ramsey

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CBS has now come forward and is offering to help investigate further into the case. The Case Of: JonBenét Ramsey is a six-part documentary that delves really deep into the events that led to the murder, the happenings of that fateful day and the future of the Ramsey family. The series involves rebuilding her childhood home, re-finding old suspects and interviewing the police dispatch caller who first responded to the family’s frantic call.

Many involved have given their interviews for the series: Jim Clemente – former New York City prosecutor, special agent, profiler and retired FBI supervisor, Dr. Henry Lee – world renowned forensic scientist, James Kolar – former chief investigator on the case for the District Attorney of Colorado and Dr. Werner Spitz – leading forensic pathologist, among others.