Billy Bob Thornton Dragged Into Depp-Heard Drama

As their divorce battle becomes a louder freaking circus everyday, Johnny Depp and estranged wife Amber Heard are going all-out to publicly prove the other is not such an innocent. After TMZ leaked a video of Johnny being physically destructive with glass and a wine bottle at the house he and Amber shared, another bizarre story has emerged in its wake. This involves another Hollywood A-lister, Billy Bob Thornton. Back in 2015, Billy and Amber starred in a movie together called London Fields. Don’t think the film saw the light of day, but their professional getting-together has merged with the raging battle between Depp and Heard.

If one can recall (but really, who can?), Depp had injured his hand during the filming of the latest instalment of his super-hit franchise, Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Men Tell No Tales. He had to be shipped back to the Americas (pun intended) when he was seen with a cast on his hand and stayed off shooting for roughly a month. No one really knew the story behind that injury, but Amber now claims that in fact, a fight had occurred between the two with Johnny accusing Amber of cheating on him with aforementioned Billy Bob Thornton, her co-star. During the kerfuffle, he managed to chop off the tip of his finger and used the blood that poured forth to write his own tale on the mirror about the supposed infidelity.

Johnny Depp suffered an injured finger while involved in a blowout with estranged wife, Amber Heard

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The mirror on which Johnny allegedly scrawled Billy Bob’s name with his blood

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Billy Bob has now come out to the press publicly stating that he and Heard have had no such affair, considering that he is a married man since 2014 and is hell-bent on fidelity. He said to the paparazzi awaiting his response that the rumours are “completely false”. He continued that he never even socialized with her during the filming, and only attended a crew dinner once with her. Otherwise, he hung out with his homies until the shooting resumed and interacted with her only professionally.

It looks like things are turning sour for Depp as more and more evidence, including pictures, videos and disturbing behaviour emerge as the deposition to the divorce hearing is turning into a trial.