The Conjuring 2: A Second Serving of Terror

The Conjuring 2: A second Serving Of Terror

Although it features a different location and story, ‘’The Conjuring 2’’ plays a good sequel to the 2013 film ‘’The Conjuring’’. The plot is rich and well executed with several superfluous effects. Unlike its predecessor, its plot builds up slowly and viewers require a little patience. The story is stimulated by findings of a couple, Vera Farmiga and Patrick Wilson that are true-life paranormal investigators. The couple plays the same role in the movie still as husband and wife as Ed and Lorraine Warren.

Patrick Wilson and Vera Farmiga in a still from The Conjuring 2

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The movie focuses on their work in 1977 in which a plebeian family occupying a public house in northern London was besieged by a bizarre presence. The strange force appeared to be fixated on their young daughter Janet Hodgson which was played by Madison Wolfe. The child experiences the poltergeist abuse and the director makes sure that the viewers experience every bit of the spookiness and terror that come as a result. The movie bears an element of evil omen that is distracted by unnecessary scenes like that of a malevolent spirit taking form from an eerie toy. As Ed and Lorraine try to help the possessed girl, they also find themselves targeted by the malicious demon.

The demon “Valak” in The Conjuring 2

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The director of ‘’The Conjuring 2’’, James Wan aims to scare and unsettle his viewers and this he achieves by suspending disbelief amongst the characters. He also wants to entertain and depicts the paranormal investigators as an ordinary couple that are devoted in their interests but still find time to coo around and express some emotion.

The movie which was released on 10th June 2016 has so far received positive reactions from viewers. Many appreciate the fact that instead of it being a continuation to ‘’The Conjuring’’, it changed lane to focus on the main characters Ed and Lorraine Warren but with two times the terror, horror and suspense.