Bobby Recounts Interesting Events Of His Life In Interview

Bobby Brown reveals all in his interview with Robin Roberts

Bobby is still devastated by the deaths of the two women he loved most in his life. This was revealed during an ABC News interview dubbed 20/20 done by Robin Roberts on Tuesday night. Bobby Brown married Whitney Houston between 1992 and 2007. Their wedding was done in New Jersey and had 800 guests in attendance. Bobby says he was deeply in love with Whitney Houston and intends to love her all his life even after her death 4 years ago.

Bobby Brown along with Whitney Houston and their daughter Bobbi Kristina in happier times

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Recounting the deaths of Whitney and Kristina, Bobby said that he was still convinced that Nick Gordon was responsible for their deaths. Nick Gordon who is said to have been Kristina’s boyfriend had been living with them as he was Houston’s adopted son. These allegations are in contradiction with the pronounced causes of death of the two. Whitney’s cause of death was said to have been accidental drowning while that of Kristina was drug influence.


Bobby, in the interview, denied allegations that he had introduced America’s pop queen to drugs. He said he wasn’t even aware she took drugs until she found her taking drugs on their wedding day. He also added that Kristina was never allowed to see them taking drugs. Remembering these turn of events made tears roll down his face. During the interview, Bobby also revealed that he had sex with a ghost! He insisted who was not high when this occurred in his Georgia mansion.

Bobby Brown alongside the Late Whitney Houston on the cover of Hello! magazine

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The interview by ABC News revealed that Bobby will soon be launching his memoir titled “Every Little Step” on June 13. Although he is still fighting alcohol addiction, he no longer takes hard drugs. This is a great achievement as he has struggled with drugs for many years. Presently married to Alicia Brown and set to launch another album, Bobby is committed to move forward in his music and acting careers.