Charlie Sheen death hoax spreads like wildfire

Hollywood FAQs: Just hours had passed after the false reports of the death of Hugh Hefner had surfaced in the internet and who knew that there would be another victim? Actor Charlie Sheen was the next one to be targeted. A recent report had left all fans of Sheen confused and panicked that he was dead, but it turned out to be a hoax.

A false report on the internet had spread like wildfire that the actor was found dead at his residence at Beverly Hills. One of the fans had even tweeted the report. The reports had also claimed that the cause of the death of the actor had not been confirmed.

Several fans of the ‘ Hot Shots!’ actor then waited for the news to be confirmed, but the fact was soon out that the actor is well and dong fine. Meanwhile, another fan of the actor had attempted to deny the reports that the actor was alive.

The fan had attempted to convey that the actor is alive and that he had just sent a RT to him. It was also added by the fan that the actor has been regularly tweeting throughout the day. All the false reports had originated from the reports that had said that the Two and a Half men character is set to be killed in the series.