Tracy Morgan apologizes to the gay community publicly in Nashville

Hollywood FAQs: After the controversial remarks made by American actor and comedian Tracy Morgan, the actor came back to Nashville – where he had performed on 3rd June – to apologize in public. The actor wanted to apologize in person for the anti-gay remarks made by him at the event at Ryman Auditorium.

Before Morgan had appeared for a public apology, the 42-year old-actor had a meeting with gay right advocates and the people who had attended the event on 3rd June in Nashville. The actor had even invited a lesbian couple in Nashville, Cynthia Wagner and Katie Cleek to visit the sets of 30 Rock television show.

Morgan had even told Kevin Rogers – who is a gay person at the White House – that he wishes to have Rogers as a friend for life. The actor spoke for five minutes in front of the national and local media at the Nashville Convention Centre.

Morgan said that this was his opportunity to make a difference and added that he does not see gay or straight but just sees human beings now. The actor had even added that he does not have a hateful bone in his body.