Lindsay Lohan begins house confinement in Venice, California

Hollywood FAQs: American actress and singer Lindsay Lohan had surrendered on Thursday morning at 5 am to serve her sentence of house arrest. The actress reported at the Lynwood jail, where she was fitted with electronic ankle bracelets.

With an hour Lohan was sent to her house in Venice in California. The actress will be spending some 35 days of confinement. Lohan was sentenced to four years of confinement for being involved in steeling a necklace worth $2,500 from a jeweler in Venice.

The actress had pleaded no contest in the case. Lohan has been confined to the interior premises of her home. The actress was eligible for home confinement on the basis that she was not a violent offender.

No booking photographs were taken. In addition to the four months of jail the actress has also been told to serve 480 hours of community service in a downtown women’s shelter. The actress is also expected to do janitorial duty at the county morgue at LA. There are also possibilities that Lohan could be allowed to serve house confinement for a few more weeks as per her good behavior and budgetary constraints. Due to some of the recent incidences in her personal life, Lohan has got enough publicity around her.