Jennifer Lopez most likely to return to ‘American Idol’

American singer and actress Jennifer Lopez, who was recently in the news for her raunchy performance on ‘Britain’s Got Talent’, is in talks to return to the reality show ‘American Idol’ this autumn. However, the ‘On The Floor’ singer has not yet decided anything regarding her return to the judging panel.


The 43-year-old superstar has not revealed any details about her decision, or even if she has been approached by the producers of ‘American Idol’. While speaking on a radio show ‘On Air with Ryan Seacrest’, Lopez said that she does not know what is happening and that she is yet to decide on a potential offer.

The ‘Live It Up’ singer went on to say that she is always open to infinite possibilities that the universe has to offer, so anything is possible anytime. While talking about her time on the popular show, the star said, “I was emotional about (leaving). I just had such a good time there. It fit … I felt like family (and) I get emotionally attached”.

Lopez was recently criticized for her outrageous performance on ‘Britain’s Got Talent’, when she appeared on stage in skimpy clothes in front of family audience. The judges on the show appreciated her performance, calling it energetic, but the audience did not share their opinion, as they took to their Twitter accounts to criticize the star.