Simon Cowell pelted with organic eggs on Britain’s Got Talent

British music mogul Simon Cowell was hurled with eggs by viola player Natalie Holt, during the live Britain’s Got Talent final. Holt had several excuses for the stunt, saying that she was rebelling against musicians having to mime on a live show. Reports said that she passed off the stunt as a joke and that it was a demonstration against her own band’s treatment by the show in 2012.


The live final was being viewed by about 13 million people and the 30-year-old musician had interrupted the show on June 8, 2013, when she was in the orchestra when Richard and Adam Johnson appeared on the stage. She went on stage between the brothers, with her box full of eggs.

Another insider from the show said that there was just one very strange moment when she started talking about the eggs being organic and were from Marks and Spencer. Holt had reportedly taken part on the show in 2012 as part of the tring quartet called Raven, which did not make it to the later stages of the competition, despite the fact they got four yes votes from the judging panel. The police has decided not to proceed with this case any further.