Michael Jackson’s autopsy reveals permanent make up

An autopsy conducted on the late pop star Michael Jackson has revealed many secrets of the singer. The singer had tattooed his lips pink and permanently inked his eyebrows. He had a dark tattoo added to blend his hairline into his wig as well. The autopsy report was revealed at a Los Angeles Court.


During the trial involving the promoter, a picture of the deceased pop star was shown in court on May 6, 2013 by Dr. Christopher Rogers. The report had suggested that the ‘Heal The World’ singer had tried hard to hide a skin pigmentation disease, which forced him to mask his true features, but he would have lived a long life if he had not taken an overdose of propofol.

Jackson’s permanent make up was revealed during the trial by the mother of the singer and children who claimed that AEG was also responsible for his death by appointing Dr. Conrad Murray on his case. On the other hand, the promoter of the ‘Beat It’ singer claimed that they were not responsible for his death, by employing Murray as his doctor.

The autopsy had confirmed that Michael’s skin had become lighter due to vitiligo, which is a skin pigmentation disease.