Psy not to be recognised without sunglasses

South Korean pop star Psy, who shot to fame with his hit single ‘Gangnam Style’, is known for his unique dressing sense. The star also says that people do not recognise him when he does not wear his sunglasses. The dressing style of the singer is the result of his unique music and choreography.


The unique style of the pop singer was adopted in his song ‘Gangnam Style’, in which he was seen doing the funny riding horse style of dancing, which became popular around the world. Psy’s earlier number had him dressed up in a formal look, with a matching bow and tie, while ‘Gentleman’ (his latest song) has a more casual look, with an unexpected twist.

In the song, Psy is seen wearing a power shoulder jacket and baggy pants, which are loose on the thighs and tight below the knees. Usually, baggy pants are reserved for people who are tall, but Psy is bold enough to wear them with ease. Shiny fabric is also frequently by Psy, to avoid the danger of it appearing to be dull.

The sunglasses that Psy wears is a part of his massive media exposure, which he received during Gangnam Style and later he changed them from rectangular to circular frames. Everything on Psy’s body is a work of endless consideration and deliberation and it has taken him places.