Rio movie review – A colorful entertainer for the whole family

Hollywood FAQS: Seems like director Carlos Saldhana has stuffed in a lot of passion, energy and feelings in his 3d animated flick, Rio. The movie is a treat for the eyes, with vibrant colors and life like beautiful images used in the movie.

The use of 3D in the movie works like the perfect cherry on the cake. Saldhana has indeed taken pains to bring out the thoughts with the help of his team. Blu is the main character or the hero of the movie, who loves to glide around the mountain top of the Christ the Redeemer’s statue.

The director had smartly made use of the 3D technology in some of the chasing scenes in the movie, which makes it look more appealing. The voice of the main character Blu is given by Jesse Eisenberg, while the female lead voice for the pretty free-spirited bird, jewel is given by Anne Hathaway.

The scenes between the two characters have been combined after being shot at different times, but it does not seem as if they have shot different timings. The movie has immense energy and some great execution of emotions. The story is about Blu, who is the only one left in his species and is urged to mate jewel, who is the only female left.

A must watch, for the whole family.