Psy to release new single in April 2013

In some good news for the fans of the Korean pop star Psy, the singer is reportedly all set to release his new single in April 2013. The upcoming single will be a follow up to the block buster track ‘Gangnam Style’, which has the unique horse riding dance moves.


Psy said that he will hold a huge concert in Seoul to mark the occasion. The singer uploaded a video in which he was wearing his signature sunglasses and announced about his plans to release the single in Korean and English.

The video was uploaded on YouTube and had subtitles in Chinese, French, Spanish, Thai, Indonesian and Portuguese. The singer, in the video says, “April 2013 is a new single, worldwide all at the same time. And I’m gonna do a concert . . . you can see it live, on YouTube. Just for you”. After concerts in Latin America, Psy is touring in Australia and has released his Gangnam Style remix album, which features US rappers 2 Chainz and Tyga.

The concert has been named ‘Happening’ and its tickets will go on sale from March 11, 2013. The agency of the singer said that the concert will feature the new single and his past hits as well.