Kelly Clarkson accuses Clive Davis of spreading false information

Kelly Clarkson, the American pop rock singer, rose to fame as a winner in the first season of American Idol and runner up in the World Idol the following year. The ‘Since You’ve Been Gone’ singer has now accused Clive Davis, Sony Music’s chief creative officer of spreading false information about her through his recently published book.

Kelly Clarkson Clive Davis

Davis mentioned in his book that Clarkson cried when he demanded that her song ‘Since U Been Gone’ be on her album. Clarkson denied the fact that she cried and said that she in fact asked that more guitars be added to the original demo. Ultimately more guitars were added to the track to create a bigger sound. Clarkson was happy with the end product.

According to the ‘Miss Independent’  star, Clarkson did cry for ‘Because of You’, a song based on her real life. She also said that Clive ridiculed her by being disrespectful and discouraged her by putting down her talent.

Clive mentioned that Clarkson’s ‘My December’ was not a success because it was not co-penned. Clarkson refused to accept this, as 20,000 copies were sold. Irrespective of what Clive Davis may or may not have said, Clarkson remains a much-loved and respected singer all around the world.