The Last Stand – Movie review

Ten years after Terminator 3 released in the year 2003, The Last Action Hero Arnold Schwarzenegger is back on screen to reclaim his title with his new action flick The Last Stand. Like a typical Arnold movie, it has more brawn and less brain, but never fails to entertain the audience. The movie servers as a decent comeback for the 65-year-old ex-governor of California.

The last stand movie review

The Last Stand does not stand out remarkably in Arnold’s filmography, but keeps his fans optimistic about any films that are lined up for release within the next few years. Besides other films like The Tomb and Captive that are scheduled to hit the screens in 2013 and are in their post production stages, sequels of his popular series like Conan and Terminator are also under development.

Schwarzenegger plays a former LAPD (Los Angeles Police Department)  narcotics officer Ray Owens and the flick revolves around his encounters with bad guy Gabriel Cortez, the dreaded drug lord, played by Eduardo Noriega. It is up to the sheriff of the dead town, Owens and his man, to save the neighborhood from the notorious criminal. The movie has its fair share of car stunts, shootouts and fistfights that keep the audience glued to the screen. However, acting is the weak point of this film directed by Kim Jee-woon.

Arnold did look physically imposing in his role, but seemed to have problems in dialogue delivery in his one-dimensional role of an uninteresting cop. Overall, the director has understood well what was expected of a Schwarzenegger flick and delivered that to the audience. Arnold’s fans will surely enjoy The Last Stand and be quite entertained with his comeback movie.