Katt Williams arrested for non appearance in court

American comedian and rapper Katt Williams, who was supposed to appear on a court hearing in Sacramento, was arrested in L.A. after he failed to appear in court. Williams has been recognized as a wanted man and as soon as detectives saw him outside his home, he was put under arrest on an unsettled warrant from Sacramento County.


Williams is currently held on bail for $100,500. The comedian had an unsettled warrant for not attending court. The warrant was issued for escaping CHP officers in a chase through downtown in November 2012.

Reports claimed that the actor was fully co-operative when he was being arrested by the cops. He also had a warrant for not attending a court hearing in Yolo County on January 2, 2013. The warrant was issued for assaulting a Target employee.

A video was captured which showed a 19-year-old store employee being punched by Williams on the same day, as he fled the CHP officers. The actor has been charged in Oakland and Seattle for irrational behavior during his stand-up comedy shows. After the actor was charged at Seattle, he announced his resignation from comedy. Williams is best known for his role as Money Mike in ‘Friday After Next’.