Kim and Kanye to keep baby out of public eye

Kim Kardashian became a household name because of her sex tape with singer Ray J, for which she went in for a settlement worth USD 5 million with Vivid Entertainment. The socialite’s fame reached a high point on the reality show ‘Keeping Up with the Kardashians’, as well as other shows based on her life and now with talk of Kim being pregnant, the rumor mills are buzzing with information.

kim kardashian baby

The high profile couple, who structure their lives to fit the public eye, have disappointed people by announcing that they have no plans for their baby becoming a part of reality-TV and have also added that the baby will not be part of their family business of selling one’s privacy for millions of dollars.

While it is confirmed that there will not be any elaborate live birth episode for the celebrity couple’s baby, the chances of the arrival of a new maternity line for their brand cannot be ruled out. The socialite, who has sharp business acumen, is eager to find out the gender of the baby as well. Kim has also been giving out interviews about her cravings, difficulties and symptoms during these initial months of her pregnancy. It is also rumored that Kanye is planning to propose to her and they might get married soon. Only time will tell as to how the celebrity baby’s future is written.