Movie Review – Lohan’s version of Elizabeth Taylor uninspiring in Liz & Dick

Elizabeth Taylor’s life during the 1960’s was a colorful affair and so was her relationship with Richard Burton. In the new movie Liz & Dick Lindsay Lohan has tried, but could not quite manage to capture the aura of the legendary Taylor, which leads to the movie turning out to be a damp squib.

Many people will be going to watch this movie primarily to see Lohan making a comeback in a career that has had more downs than ups, but the young actress has not done herself justice and has squandered yet another opportunity.

Not only does Lohan not act the part, she hardly looks the part. The only resemblance that Lohan has with Taylor is the violet eye shadow. She does not speak in the high pitched voice that Taylor delivered back in the day; instead Lohan’s vocals are raspy and uninspiring. She often sports a blank face in the movie, alluring to the fact that she has hardly put in any preparation for the role.

Grant Bowler did not make too much of an impression as Richard Burton either. He could not portray the swagger and confidence that Burton was so famous for. The movie touches upon the life and times of one of the world’s most famous celebrity couples, but Lohan and Bowler did not do the roles justice. This was not helped by some average writing and screenplay.