5 Great Thanksgiving Movies

Thanksgiving has crept up on us and before we gear up for Black Friday shopping its time to sit down with the family for a good dinner.

Although Thanksgiving may not be the best time of year to watch a movie marathon, here are a few movies that would be great to watch after polishing off a good turkey dinner.

1. Planes, Trains and Automobiles – Steve Martin and John Candy form a hilarious duo as one of them tries to reach home for Thanksgiving with a showering salesman as his companion

2. Home for the Holidays – Jodie Foster is having a rough Thanksgiving after losing her job and making out with her ex-boss. Now she has to get through spending the holidays with her crazy family

3. A Charlie Brown Thanksgiving – A great way to get the meaning of Thanksgiving through to the kids; Charlie Brown is great for any occasion.

4. Grumpy Old Men – Two oldies have been going at each other ever since they were kids, now a new female neighbor has moved in across the street, things can only get worse.

5. Funny People – Adam Sandler is a comedian who has a terminal health problem. He forms a genuine relationship with another performer by teaching him the ropes as his opening act.