Lance Armstrong encourages team at Livestrong event

It has been 15 years since Lance Armstrong founded ‘Livestrong’, his cancer-fighting foundation, and at their 15 year celebration the world-beating athlete said that the last two weeks have been very difficult for him. Armstrong was recently stripped of his sever Tour de France cycling medals under allegations of drug use.

Lance addressed the crowd at 15: An Evening at Livestrong, by saying that he has seen better days as well as worse ones. He described how he had sat with a few friends 15 years ago at a restaurant close to where the event is now being held, to discuss how they could help people suffering from cancer.

The Lance Armstrong Foundation has raised half a billion dollars since its inception as well as changing the lives of over 2.5 million cancer patients. They also came up with the concept of the yellow wristband to support cancer patients.

Armstrong had encouraging words for the people gathered, quoting Martin Luther King as he spoke about disappointment being finite, and how they must have infinite hope. He went on to say that the Livestrong mission must go on and that there are 28 million people around the world that needed their help.

The cancer survivor concluded by asking everyone to have a ‘hell of a good time’.