Salma Hayek wants to make people laugh

Salma Hayek, the Mexican-American beauty has told the media that she has left her melodramatic phase behind and now wants to make people laugh. The ‘Here Comes the Boom’ star would like to use the happiness she experiences in her life to make other people happy, rather than portray pain and suffering.

The superstar married French billionaire Francois-Henri Pinault in 2009, with whom she has a 5-year-old daughter Valentina. She went on to state how it was easier for her to cry in the early days, however now it is easier for her to make people laugh.

The ‘Frida’ actress also spoke to the media about how there were times she had a tendency to do melodramatic roles as she was drawn towards pain and suffering and making audiences want to cry. Now, however the actress aims to work on lighter subject matter such as ‘Here Comes the Boom’, Grown Ups’ and other such comedies.

‘Here Comes the Boom’ is based on a bored biology teacher, played by Kevin James, who intends on saving a high schools music programme by becoming a mixed martial arts fighter. Hayek plays the school nurse, who becomes the main support for James’ character Scott Voss.