Dust settles on American Idol after Mariah – Nicki spat

American Idol has had a rough week since the much hyped spat between judges Mariah Carey and Nicki Minaj. According to the reality show’s producers, production is now back on schedule and all issues have been resolved.

Some sources inform us that the Idol judges allege that the verbal duel between the two divas of the show was blown out of proportion and they are looking forward to the next round of auditions, to be held in Louisiana. The producers went on to say that the current group of judges were some of the most passionate, and invested judges they have had on the show, and that they had full confidence in the current panel to find the next America Idol.

The show’s producers released a statement, saying that much of what was publicized was just media speculation and the events were not completely accurate. They maintained that production was going smoothly and that they are focused on the Baton Rouge rounds of the competition.

Since the breakout of the fight last week, media and fans speculated on how it could have been staged to boost the shows publicity ratings, with both singers going on to post reactions on their Twitter pages after the altercation as well.