LeAnn Rimes sports body art in support of anti-bullying campaign

Country singer LeAnn Rimes is slowly growing stronger after a stint in rehab following anxiety and stress brought on by cyber bullying. The singing star tweeted pictures of a butterfly drawn on her wrist on Monday. The butterfly is symbolic of ‘The Butterfly Project’ which is a blog dedicated to helping people who hurt themselves by trying to get people to talk about their issues and help resolve their problems.

Rimes tweeted about how she has been reading about cyber bullying related deaths and how she would like to show her support for victims of bullying. The butterfly projects anonymous webmaster encourages people to draw a butterfly on their arm whenever they feel like hurting themselves with the name of a person who has helped in the person’s recovery. There have been many pictures added to the site of The Butterfly Project following the webmasters request, with many people mentioning that this act of drawing butterflies has helped them towards recovery.

LeAnn Rimes has been on a steady path to recovery and had even taken a short break from rehab to perform. She recently walked the red carpet with her husband Eddie Cibrian and their family, proving that her recently completed treatment program has helped her.