Veteran guitarist Doc Watson dies at 89

Legendary guitarist and singer Doc Watson, known for his folk music died on May 29, 2012 at a hospital in Winston Salem. The singer was 89 year old and was blind since the age of 1.

Watson recently went through an abdominal surgery which led to his hospitalization. The fast playing by the folk musician inspired many other musicians, which included his own grandson, who also performed with him.

Richard Watson, the grandson of the musician in 2000 said that his grandfather’s playing had a humbling effect on other musicians. On the other hand Doc Watson found it hard to believe.

Richard said, “Everybody that’s picked with you says you intimidate them, and that includes some of the best”. Watson was born in the year 1923 in the Blue Ridge Mountains. But then he lost his eye sight after he developed an eye infection which worsened by a congenital vascular disorder. The guitarist belonged to a musical family and his father was active in the church choir and played banjo. His mother also sang secular and religious songs. Watson’s father gave him a harmonica when he was a young child and by the age of 5 he was playing the banjo. Later he picked up the guitar and managed a few chords.