Heather Morris nude pictures leaked online

Hollywood FAQs: American actress dancer, singer and actress Heather Morris is the latest celebrity to be pulled in to the nude picture leaks on the internet. A batch of pictures on March 11, 2012 leaked out on the internet, which showed the ‘Glee’ star in minimal clothes and sexy poses in front of the mirror.

Morris, who was once a back up dancer for Beyonce, recently became the talk of the internet with the leaked images which are claimed to be of the ‘Glee’ star.

The images leaked on the internet show the actress posing in different poses in front of the mirror, while wearing a black bra and a pair of boy shorts. The actress was seen wearing an outfit from the Britney Spears episode of ‘Glee’ in which she played the singer in her video ‘Slave For You’. The other images leaked are more revealing and racy which has showed a woman allegedly Morris, posing nude in front of a webcam.

In one of the images, the actress is shown posing while bending over and showing off her chest with half of her face visible. While other pictures appear as taken, while she stands up and showing off most of her naked body. But the images do not show the face of the actress. Some of the leaked pictures also shows the actress playfully unbuttoning her top and spreading her legs.

If that’s not all, one of the alleged leaked images of the actress shows her lifting up her skirt and showing off her pink panties. The images do not show the face of the actress properly so it cannot be said if the pictures are actually of Morris. Meanwhile the actress or her representative are yet to speak out. Last week, some of the pictures of Christina Hendricks were leaked online which also included some scandalous and nude ones. Hendricks confirmed that the images came from her phone, but the ones that are scandalous are not hers.